Everybody has that person. That person who shares your passion for your favorite show. Hulu would like to facilitate these special bonds by launching, a microsite where Hulu subscribers can share the first season of any show on Hulu with anyone for free.

Silver Pin in The Show 2017 homepage.

Once logged in, you can add new showmates to share shows with.

Once you've chosen the show, it's time to pop the question! The request is sent via email to your desired showmate. 

Will they say I do?

If they do, start watching Season 1 with your Showmate! 

Once you and your showmate have finished Season 1, your showmate will be able to decide if they want to sign up for Hulu. They’ll receive this email to let them know you’re still willing to commit.

Pop-up ads will show up once a user finishes an episode from Season 1 to entice them into sharing the show with a new user. 

And showmates can make it official on Facebook.

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Copywriter: Shareina Chandler