It was once believed that to take a picture of something was to steal its soul. Maybe that's true. Instead of simply capturing a moment, we are imploring everyone to take more than a picture. We want to take over the world.

Billboards will entice people to steal their own cities with a cryptic message and a simple URL.

Canon Billboards.jpg
Canon Billboards3.jpg

Some will give away the password to the microsite.

Canon Billboards2.jpg

However, once you arrive at the microsite, you can type anything or simply click anywhere to unlock the heist.

Once you have done this, you are taught the criminal ways of the heist.


There are two heists you can participate in: the collective heist of all Canon bandits as well your own individual heist.

You can zoom in on each country, state, and city.


There you may find a gallery of photography from that area.


You may upload your photos and enter in their coordinates if they are not automatically detected.

Once the whole world is captured, you can view all the photos from the heist in the gallery, and continue your own takeover.

Target practice stations will be placed in areas of high picture-taking rates.

In electronics departments where Canons are sold, TVs will show the status of the global heist including the collective heist map, security footage, breaking news, wanted burglars and thieves the authorities have captured.


School: Brainco
Art Director: Erin Slayton
Copywriter: Molly Burke